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About Us

1. We offer more value for your money.
Many rental homes listed by individuals online are the same price or higher than those in our rental program. When you rent from us, you get the added value of having a full-service, full-time property management company that is on the island and here to help you enjoy a worry-free vacation. Why would you pay more for less?

2. We provide more service.
Renting houses is our business. It is our one and only focus. When homeowners rent their own houses, they are usually trying to juggle property management with their regular day job and who knows what else from out of the area. Why rent from someone whose first priority is not you?

3. We are better equipped to handle repairs.
We have an in-house repair team and an extensive list of subcontractors who have worked for us for many years on the island. If something in your house breaks, we have the resources to get it fixed and fixed in a timely manner. Do individual homeowners who rent online have the same relationships with contractors as large rental companies?

4. We are located on the island.
Our office is on the island. We are right here to help you if your golf cart breaks down and you need a ride home or the air conditioner goes out and you need a temporary loaner until the main system can be repaired. What are the chances an out-of-the-area homeowner is going to be able to help in a timely manner?

5. We are regulated by a state licensing board and required to keep your money safe.
As a property management company, we are regulated by the N.C. Real Estate Commission. Homeowners are regulated by no one but themselves. We are required by law to deposit your money in a federally insured trust account. The record-keeping rules for these accounts are very strict. Homeowners can deposit your rent check in their own bank accounts. Imagine sending a large amount of money to someone you don’t even know. What sounds safer and more secure?

6. We have a large inventory of homes.
If a house you rent from use becomes unihabitable (i.e. the a/c goes out and it can’t be repaired while you are here on vacation), we can move you to another house on the island. If the same were to happen in a house you rented from someone online, you would probably have to cut your vacation short. Why take that chance?

7. We have cleaner homes.
All of our homes undergo extensive deep cleaning each spring to ensure they meet the highest standard of cleanliness. If you rent from someone online, how can you be sure your vacation house will be really clean? Who’s checking to make sure the housekeeper shows up or how well they clean? Not the homeowner who lives far away! Furthermore, our housekeeping staff is always on hand should something need extra attention. Can online folks say the same thing?

8. We have a standard list of inventory items.
All of our homes have the same standard equipment. Whether it’s a pack and play or grilling utensils, you can be sure that if you are promised four working beach chairs, you will have them. Should one of these items require repair or replacement during your stay, no problem. Would an out-of-the-area homeowner be able to provide the same?

9. We offer trip insurance and damage insurance.
Going on vacation is an investment and no one likes to take chances with their hard-earned money. Trip insurance helps protect your investment should you have to cancel. If you rent from someone online and have to cancel, is your vacation protected? Will you get your money?

10. We have a long-standing reputation on
the island.

Tiffany’s Beach Rentals has been in business on Bald Head Island for 13 years and has earned reputation for providing excellent homes and excellent service. Who are these people online – here today, gone tomorrow?